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Procomp specialise in logistics optimisation and community care planning. Since 2011 we have been pioneers in bringing advanced logistics planning tools and methods to address the challenges of delivering quality care in the community.

The size of the problem

Community care planning is a challenge of cosmic proportions. As the number of workers and visits increases the number of permutations for arranging schedules explodes.

3 workers and 3 visits
60 permutations

3 workers and 6 visits
20 160 permutations

3 workers and 9 visits
19 958 400 permutations

5 workers and 25 visits
368 410 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 permutations

With only 5 workers and 25 visits there are


Finding a good solution, and one which works is the challenge.

Procomp intelligent planning

Using traditional tools the planning process is essentially manual and coordinators spend huge amounts of time producing a plan and then trying to update it to account for changes. Because of the time taken coordinators are usually forced settle for the first plan they produce and are unable to evaluate the vast number of potentially better alternatives.

Our software uses intelligent algorithms and computing power to solve the analytically demanding task of creating schedules, freeing coordinators to work with more human tasks. Taking the needed visits, available workers and planning preferences it is able to intelligently evaluate a vast number of alternatives in a short time to produce efficient, workable schedules.

The human coordinator is always in control and may quickly fine-tune or re-plan, either manually or by making changes to care plans, staffing or planning preferences.

Benefits of our products and services

Less mileage

Travelling is typically reduced by at least 10%, and in some cases as much as 40%. This translates into direct cost savings.

Reduce planning time

Create efficient schedules in minutes or seconds, freeing coordinators to spend more time with clients. Add or update care packages, then update and refine schedules automatically.

Realistic, workable plans

Schedules include sufficient time for travelling and the actual visits. This reduces rush and stress on staff and improves quality.

More about benefits


Everything we do is irrelevant without satisfied customers. So we wanted to let them do the talking – how they managed to make better quality with lower costs. Just by using our smart planning tools.

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