Month: April 2017

Positive news about Procomp Homecare Optimisation from SuPer, the Finnish homecare workers’ union

21.04.2017 Home care

In a previous blog post I wrote about how a representative from the Finnish homecare workers’ union, SuPer, had asked how Procomp had achieved the seemingly impossible with R2, our homecare optimisation solution; More work was being done by fewer workers, with better quality, yet workers felt less rushed. Following this, the union published a …

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“How on earth did you manage to achieve this?”: How Procomp succeeded with homecare optimisation

04.04.2017 Home care

It has been a while since Kotihoito 2016, the national homecare conference in Finland, and one small but significant question from the audience remained in our thoughts after our presentation. During our presentation, a customer told how our optimisation solution, with automated long term work planning, had succeeded in creating a sense of stability in …

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