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R2 Optimisation in self-managed integrated teams

26.02.2021 Blog post

In the autumn of 2020 the city of Jyväskylä, in central Finland, decided to bring homecare services back in-house in three areas where they had been outsourced to private providers. Outsourcing hadn’t delivered the expected benefits and it was important for the insourcing process to run smoothly with minimal disruption for service users and efficient, …

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Helping homecare providers with planning during the covid-19 crisis

28.04.2020 Home care

  In response to the covid-19 global pandemic, Procomp has made its artificial-intelligence-based planning system available to local authorities in Finland via a fast track solution which enables the system to be taken into production use in as little as 5 days and at low cost. The R2 planning solution enables homecare providers to quickly …

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Press release: Procomp has tapped into the Belgian homecare market.

07.02.2018 Home care

Press release Procomp has tapped into the Belgian homecare market. Ghent, February 7, 2018. Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen has opened up a tender to the Finnish company ProComp in order to develop a patient planning tool. In this way Procomp is a pioneer in providing Central-Europe with ‘planning systems’ for the homecare industry. Procomp, a company …

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Tackling the shortage of homecare workers with Procomp optimisation

05.05.2017 Blog post

Shortage of staff, unachievable schedules and lack of time to care are constant themes in homecare. The graph below is taken from a team in a large community care provider and it shows how Procomp optimisation software enables the same work to be handled by fewer workers. What it doesn’t show is how it also improves …

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Positive news about Procomp Homecare Optimisation from SuPer, the Finnish homecare workers’ union

21.04.2017 Blog post

In a previous blog post I wrote about how a representative from the Finnish homecare workers’ union, SuPer, had asked how Procomp had achieved the seemingly impossible with R2, our homecare optimisation solution; More work was being done by fewer workers, with better quality, yet workers felt less rushed. Following this, the union published a …

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