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Example of tackling the shortage of homecare workers with Procomp optimisation

05.05.2017 Blog post

Shortage of staff, unachievable schedules and lack of time to care are constant themes in homecare. The graph below is taken from a team in a large community care provider and it shows how Procomp optimisation software enables the same work to be handled by fewer workers. What it doesn’t show is how it also improves …

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Positive news about Procomp Homecare Optimisation from SuPer, the Finnish homecare workers’ union

21.04.2017 Blog post

In a previous blog post I wrote about how a representative from the Finnish homecare workers’ union, SuPer, had asked how we had achieved the seemingly impossible with our homecare optimisation solution; More work was being done by fewer workers, with better quality, yet workers felt less rushed. Following this, the union published a one-page …

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“How on earth did you manage to achieve this?”: How Procomp succeeded with homecare optimisation

04.04.2017 Blog post

It has been a while since Kotihoito 2016, the national homecare conference in Finland, and one small but significant question from the audience remained in our thoughts after our presentation. During our presentation, a customer told how our optimisation solution, with automated long term work planning, had succeeded in creating a sense of stability in …

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AI brings case management back into the heart of home care

18.09.2016 Blog post

Organising the customer calls of even the smallest home care team in an optimal manner is a complex mathematical problem. An experienced planner is capable of making good plans that work, but it’s the harnessing artificial intelligence as a planning tool has allowed for such a vast mathematical problem to be solved in a manner …

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Operative optimisation rolls with the changes

15.08.2015 Blog post

It’s important that optimising home care commences with strategic optimisation. It creates a still picture of what a month in home care is like. It includes the customers’ per order realised service times, timeframes and skill requirement. Time spent on work, including preparation, breaks and documentation, is taken into account, too, as well as time …

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