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AI brings case management back into the heart of home care

18.09.2016 Blog post

Organising the customer calls of even the smallest home care team in an optimal manner is a complex mathematical problem. An experienced planner is capable of making good plans that work, but it’s the harnessing artificial intelligence as a planning tool has allowed for such a vast mathematical problem to be solved in a manner …

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Operative optimisation rolls with the changes

15.08.2015 Blog post

It’s important that optimising home care commences with strategic optimisation. It creates a still picture of what a month in home care is like. It includes the customers’ per order realised service times, timeframes and skill requirement. Time spent on work, including preparation, breaks and documentation, is taken into account, too, as well as time …

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AI-based optimisation eliminated home care rush hours in Kuusamo

18.07.2015 Blog post

The structural challenges faced by home care planning grow as the population in a municipality ages. Service levels should be constantly raised without unreasonable increases in expenditure. In Kuusamo, the serious nature of the situation became apparent last year and a search for a solution was instigated. Manual shift and route planning was hard and …

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Dutch Home Care at a crossroad

17.02.2015 Blog post

2015 will be a challenging year for Dutch Home Care. In order to cut costs the Dutch government has decided that the financing and structure of the Home Care industry will be changed drastically. Municipalities have become responsible for the domestic help. The Health Insurers will fund the regular more skilled care and nursing at …

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Archos Group to improve Dutch homecare efficiency by utilizing Procomp Solutions’ optimization software

07.10.2014 Home care

Archos Group from Best Netherlands and Procomp Solutions from Oulu Finland have signed an agreement to improve the home care services in the Benelux countries. By signing the consultancy agreement, Archos Group will be able to utilize Procomp’s R2 Optimizer software in resource and route planning and thus improve home care efficiency by delivering strategic …

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