Archos Group to improve Dutch homecare efficiency by utilizing Procomp Solutions’ optimization software

Archos Group from Best Netherlands and Procomp Solutions from Oulu Finland have signed an agreement to improve the home care services in the Benelux countries. By signing the consultancy agreement, Archos Group will be able to utilize Procomp’s R2 Optimizer software in resource and route planning and thus improve home care efficiency by delivering strategic optimization projects to the clients operating in home care domain. Furthermore Archos is also providing optimization services to waste management, security business and logistics, in the area of Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

“Procomp’s R2 Optimizer software solution provides us the most feasible platform to deliver strategic consultancy projects to the leading home care organizations in which we have built a wide expertise over the years. We calculated that large home care organizations could save significantly on their operational cost by optimizing the shifts, changing team structures and the routes of their mobile workforce. We are anticipating to deliver a large number of optimization projects within the first year of collaboration. At the same time we want to contribute to Procomp to develop the R2 product family to build a perfect offering for the Benelux area”, says Mr. Jos Kuijpers managing partner from Archos Group.

Procomp Solutions from Oulu has developed smart planning and optimization products for the Finnish market since year 2005 and has begun to build international partner network recently. “We are expecting that the agreement with Archos Group enables us to build fast growth in the route and resource optimization business in the Benelux. We have invested a large amount of manpower to build optimization products and services that are now ready to the international markets with the partner network in chosen countries. We expect to get a large share of our sales from the foreign markets in the future”, says Mr. Harri Kaijalainen the CEO of Procomp Solutions Ltd.

Procomp Solutions Ltd is a Finnish consulting and software house, specialized in smart planning and optimization. The company is currently employing 60 professionals in the cities of Oulu and Kuopio.

Archos Group is a Dutch consultancy firm specialized in the optimization of processes in order to create business excellence. The companies employees currently 15 professionals and is focusing on Healthcare, Logistics and Industrial companies.