Helping homecare providers with planning during the covid-19 crisis


In response to the covid-19 global pandemic, Procomp has made its artificial-intelligence-based planning system available to local authorities in Finland via a fast track solution which enables the system to be taken into production use in as little as 5 days and at low cost.

The R2 planning solution enables homecare providers to quickly and easily re-plan and ensure that care needs continue to be met when there is a shortage of carers or when service users and care plans change rapidly. Keeping carers and clients safe during this time is of utmost important and R2’s powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) minimises the risk of infection spreading by keeping the number of carers seen by each client to a minimum.

In some cases we have seen that it’s possible to operate with 20% fewer carers without making any changes to care plans, and this re-planning can be done in as little as 4 or 5 minutes for a whole branch.

Understandably, when there is a severe shortage of staff, care plans may have to be changed, but R2 gives planners more options and greater control than they would otherwise have. Instead of simply cutting care for some users, it is possible to flex in more subtle ways such as allowing some visits to start earlier or later than usual, reducing the service time of some visits or, lastly, cancelling some non-essential visits.

In a recent case, simply increasing the leeway on visit start times by plus or minus 30 minutes and reducing visit durations by 20% enabled operations to continue with 40% fewer carers. This means that no client is left without care even when there is a severe shortage of staff.

After re-planning, updated schedules can be sent directly to carers’ mobile devices via an app which is provided as part of the fast track solution.

For more information, please contact Mark Russell-Smith
Phone: +44 (0)7983 627 427