Press release: Procomp has tapped into the Belgian homecare market.

Press release

Procomp has tapped into the Belgian homecare market.

Ghent, February 7, 2018. Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen has opened up a tender to the Finnish company ProComp in order to develop a patient planning tool. In this way Procomp is a pioneer in providing Central-Europe with ‘planning systems’ for the homecare industry.

Procomp, a company based in Oulo (Finland) is highly specialized in planning tools for homecare. Based on the European tendering procedure that was launched in 2017,Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen has outsourced the commission for developing a new planning system for patients, to Procomp. The Finns left their European competitors behind as the company with the most innovative planning tool in planning homecare.

‘The competition in Europe is hard. A zillion of players in planning homecare are in the market today. Due to the steadily increasing amount of elderly people the need for homecare is equally growing, as well as the planning for this specific care’, says Jani Rautiainen ,CEO of Procomp. ’International interest has grown enormously as well, due to the high-end technological knowledge and the outstanding reputation of Finnish health care’.

Procomp’s system will be implemented throughout East Flanders. Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen, the largest homecare organization in Flanders, is caring for more than 17.000 patients only on a monthly base. With 1.600 nurses and caretakers Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen accounts for at least 4.6 million visits a year. In comparison, in 2016 only 3 million home visits have been made in the wider Helsinki region.

‘We consider this commission as a benchmark in Belgium and in The Netherlands, a neighbouring country with whom we have successfully carried out a period of profitable and constructive negotiations. Great Britain too, is interested in our intelligent solutions’, as was announced by Jani Rautiainen.

‘Taking in to account the RIZIV-legislation and our own company’s regulations, the automatized scheduling of patients and their needed cares, performed by our caring staff is, a necessary condition of successful homecare. Procomp proclaims to develop this planning tool, not only with respect to the care requested and the duration of this care as well with the qualifications of the care giver, etc…’, as stated by Bob Engels, Director ICT Wit-Gele Kruis Oost-Vlaanderen.